MLB Free Agency begins at 5PM on Thursday, November 10th, and the New York Yankees have a lot of business to take care of before now and Opening Day.

First and foremost, their negotiation with superstar slugger Aaron Judge will re-define the franchise from now until he retires. Aside from that decision, however, the team has a lot of business to attend to outside of the Judge's chambers.

From the lineup, to the rotation, to the bullpen, there are a lot of moving parts for the Bronx Bombers heading into the offseason, and now is the perfect time to make our predictions on how it will go.

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Staying or Leaving: The Fate of the New York Yankees This Offseason

We played this game on The Drive with Charlie and Dan, and it led to a few interesting conversations. So, I'm taking the hit game Staying or Leaving to the 104.5 The Team website, and breaking down the free agent situations of ten Yankees' players.

Some of the players on the list are shoe-ins to return in my mind, while others are guarantees to be headed elsewhere this offseason. It's the players caught in-between, however, that are the most intriguing to talk about.

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This offseason, there are two clear routes for the New York Yankees. If they pay Aaron Judge what he's worth, that contract is going to eat up a large chunk of their available salary cap space, and change the course of their offseason significantly. They'll likely take a more economical approach, and sign serviceable players for less money to fill out the roster.

If Judge chooses to leave, however, that will open up a lot more money for them to sign other players. Yes, they'll lose their superstar, but they'll likely gain more talent in other key areas of the team.

It's a pivotal offseason either way, and here are my predictions for the results of ten key free agency decisions Brian Cashman and Company will have to make.

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