It's traitorous, it's treacherous, it's treasonous, it's...playing for two teams in the same city?

Okay, maybe it's not as severe of a transgression as I've stated above, but be honest, it's still somewhat strange. Seeing a player spend time with one team in one city, then jump across enemy lines to the rival team in the same city, is jarring for fans of both teams.

It hasn't happened often in New York, but when it does, it certainly makes headlines. A few players, as well as managers, have the traitorous distinction of having played for the New York Yankees and Mets.

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We're midway through the first Subway Series of the 2022 season, which gives us a great excuse to reminisce about some of the greatest memories, and players, to be part of the Yankees-Mets rivalry. Though these teams have shared a state since the Mets' first season in 1962, they did not officially meet until 1997, when interleague play was first introduced.

Since that point, the teams have played one another in every season, including the particularly-memorable matchup in the 2000 World Series, a series the Yankees won, 4-2. The Bronx Bombers hold a total series advantage, both regular and postseason, at 80–60.

That said, their dominance came at the beginning of the annual Subway Series, as both teams have won the season series two times since 2013.

Given how passionate Yankees and Mets' fans are about their respective teams, it makes it even more jarring when a player willingly goes from one of the teams in New York, to the other. It's happened a handful of times, and a few big names have made swapped out pinstripes for the blue-and-orange, or vice versa, over the years.

In honor of the Subway Series 2022 being officially underway, here are ten players who have played for both the Yankees and Mets during their careers.

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