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Hey New Yorker’s! Don’t Put Away Your Fishing Poles!
From Lake Ontario to Montauk, some New Yorkers love fishing in the month of November. Sure it is getting colder but November is still filled with some warm temperatures that even those fisherman that don't like the cold, like me, can still enjoy some awesome conditions. Remember anglers, it is a long winter. So, let's get out there before the ice laden shorelines create some slippery and unfavorable conditions, though some like that. I still don't get it.
New Buffalo Bills Stadium comes with $1.4 Billion Price Tag
The Buffalo Bills are currently the best team in the AFC, maybe even in the NFL, according to some. The one thing that the Bills want is a new home. As reported on 104.5 The Team, over the past several months, the Buffalo NFL franchise has been negotiating with the State of New York and Erie County on who will pay for how much of the new facility and how much will be levied on the taxpayers.
NY Runner 1st to Conquer 90-mile Stretch of Appalachian Trail
Many of us go through our days looking to just get through the work hours. When they're over, it's on to the next few to call our own. What we do with those precious minutes often differs amongst most. Some focus on work goals, others personal accomplishments. The elite and the bold, at times the foolish, take on feats that have yet to be accomplished. It is amazing what people can do when they set their minds to something. What's even more amazing, is when people are able to physically conquer terrain faster than anyone else has. That's what Katherine Spector of Kent Cliffs in Putnam County, NY did on October 16th.
Buffalo Players Offer to Buy Away Tix for Unvaxxed Fans
Hours after Buffalo Bills and Sabres ownership announced that all fans attending games at Highmark Stadium and KeyBank Center, home of the NHL franchise, a few of the Bills players sympathized with unvaccinated distraught Bills fans and offered to "buy" them tickets to away contests for the team at stadiums without such restrictions. It brings up an interesting question for the organization. They are mandating their fans to be vaccinated but they are not mandating their players. Or are they?

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