According to a report from Austin Nivison of CBS Sports, bidding on Major League Baseball legend Ty Cobb's dentures is up to nearly $12,000.

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Now as a big baseball fan myself, I know how important the collector side of the game is to some people. To this day I'll occasionally buy a pack of baseball cards just to see who I get. And some baseball cards like Mickey Mantle's and Honus Wagner's are regularly sold for millions of dollars.

But Ty Cobb's fake teeth? I have to admit that even if I did have $12,000 to spend, I probably wouldn't get involved with the bidding on that one. Sure, it would definitely be a conversation starter when guests ask why you have a 100 year old pair of dentures on display in a prominent position in your home. But I don't think explaining that is a conversation I would want to be a part of.

However, there are very few players in baseball history who you could justify spending thousands of dollars on dentures of. Ty Cobb is certainly one of them. He played 24 seasons, 22 of them for the Detroit Tigers, and finished with a career .366/.433/.512 slash line with 117 home runs, an MVP award and his induction into the baseball hall of fame. He is widely recognized among baseball fans as one of the greatest hitters to ever live.

But even with all those accolades, I find it hard to believe people are willing to spend upwards of $12,000 for his 100 year old dentures.

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