A novelty license plate is landing a Broome County man in trouble for apparently trying to pass the tag off as the real deal.

A sharp-eyed New York State Trooper is credited with noticing a Binghamton man���s license plate didn’t look quite right.

NYS Police evidence photo
NYS Police evidence photo

21-year-old Marcos Parker is charged with misdemeanor Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument after he was stopped for speeding on Route 17 east in the Town of Deposit shortly after noon Friday the 13th.

The license plate on the car looked pretty good with all the graphics and colors in line with the latest variation of a New York State tag. But the plate fell a little flat in that the Trooper noticed it was literally flat. The letters and numbers weren’t raised like they're supposed to be, but just printed on the metal.

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Parker was arrested and his vehicle towed. He’s scheduled to appear in Deposit Town Court next month.

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