Senator Akshar Releases Survey
State Senator Fred Akshar released his Community Voice Survey this week in an effort to gather opinions from his constituents on close to a dozen state issues facing the 52nd senate district.
What US State Best Fits Your Personality?
Have you heard of America's "Mood Map"?  This is awesome!  This is the brain child of psychologist and research team leader, Jason Rentfrow of the University of Cambridge in the U.K.   Rentfrow's goal in this study was to match up American personality …
America's Favorite TV Theme Song
The March Madness of TV themes songs just wrapped up on to find out America's favorite TV theme song of all time.  It was set up in bracket style and started with 32 shows with the idea of whittling the choices down to a final four and ultimately the winner.
Survey Reveals What Turns Men and Women on
Here’s a Married Sex Survey From Considering that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and many of you are looking to set the mood for some lovin’ with your sweetheart, you should definitely read this and find out what turns your mate on.

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