Considering an office romance?  Have you been eying that cutie at the copier?  Then check out the results below from a Valentine's Day survey from jobs website CareerBuilder4000 people were surveyed back in November of 2012 by Harris Interactive.  This is what people revealed about office romance:

- 39% of those surveyed have dated a co-worker at least once over the course of their career.

- 30% of those who had dated a co-worker, said the romance resulted in marriage.

- Most had dated a peer, however three out of 10 admitted to dating their boss or someone else above them in the ranks. (note: you never hear that dating the boss works out)

- Most people in an office romance were not secretive about the relationship while 35%   kept their romance under wraps.

I bet you're wondering which types of careers lend themselves to office hook-ups the most (from OKcupid):

10. Planning and Expediting Clerks - 4.1% say they've hooked up with a co-worker
9. Database Administrators - 4.4%
8. Food Service Managers - 4.4%
7. Automotive Technicians - 4.9%
6. Industrial Machinery Workers - 5%
5. Occupational Health & Safety Specialists - 5.5%
4. Stock Clerks - 5.9%
3. Welders - 6.3%
2. Cooks - 8.1%
1. Artists - 8.3%




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