While the mom's away, the kids will play.  In this case, I was the one who left the house for 20 minutes, having no idea what would be waiting for me when I returned, thanks to my eleven year old son. 

He decided it was the perfect time to make butter cream frosting for the sugar cookies he had made the previous day.  The scene above is what I came home to.  He had four different colors of frosting for four tiny cookies.  Yes, I did say four cookies.  Overkill?  Yeah, you could say that.  I now have quite a bit of frosting and no cookies to put them on.  You can bet that sugar cookies will be baking in our oven today to go with all that frosting.

Even though I got to "enjoy" cleaning up his mess, I must say if that's the worst he does when I'm gone for a little bit, then that's good!

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