Big Chuck and I had a surprise visit from Oneontan and eggnogg enthusiast Julie Carney.  She recently heard Big Chuck and I talking about eggnogg on WZOZ, where we revealed that I have had eggnogg once and wasn't impressed and then Big Chuck had NEVER had it.  Needless to say, as a lover of eggnogg, she felt the urge to bring us her favorite store brands of this holiday beverage.

After trying Hood Golden Eggnog and Garelick Egg Nog, Chuck and I actually enjoyed BOTH brands quite a bit!  The Garelick brand is a little less sweet and thicker and creamier, while the Hood Golden Eggnog is a little thinner and sweeter.

She also shared with us her tips on how to enjoy "Nog like a Kringle".  Check them out below...

1. Do NOT add alcohol - according to Julie it messes with perfection
2. Do NOT drink party nog (aka "mystery eggnog") as it's going to get warm sitting around for hours and potentially spoil.  Plus, who knows what the heck they put in it!
3. Reserve eggnog for a special moment. Her favorite time is mid-afternoon (a delightful break) or as an after dinner dessert.
4. Only pour yourself 3 fingers worth of eggnog.
5. SIP it, no chugging!  That's why you only pour 3 fingers worth.
6. Enjoy this holiday treat!

Many thanks to Julie for showing us how to drink nog like a Kringle since we really had no clue!

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