When you're in a funk and just in a bad mood, is your first response to head out shopping?  New research derived from A national survey of 1000 adults and conducted online by TNS Global on behalf of Ebates.com in March 2013 supports the notion that more than half of American self sooth by shopping.  Results of the survey reveal that more than half (51.8%) of Americans engage in Retail Therapy.  Of those people,  63.9% are women and 39.8% are men.

It seems no surprise that the number one item that women are purchasing is clothing (57.9%) while men predominantly buy food (28.1%).

We all have our different ways of feeling better but shopping isn't one of mine.  In fact, I don't tend to enjoy shopping.  My number one way to improve my mood is to head for my hot tub.  I love the way it feels and I enjoy being outside.  It's a win-win and it's a lot cheaper than heading for the mall.  What do you like to do to improve your mood?  Answer on Facebook.

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