Father’s Day is coming right up this Sunday, June 16th. Are you all set with your Father’s Day gift? Hopefully it’s not a power tool because according to Online shopping website Ebates.com who commissioned a national survey, that’s NOT what dads want. According to the new research, dad really wants a gift card to his favorite store. If you just can’t bring yourself to go the gift card route because you think it’s too impersonal then follow these guidelines and you should do great:

  • 24% of dads who enjoy being fashionable would like to receive clothing
  • 20% of tech savvy dads want a new smartphone or tablet
  • Only 11% of dads want golf clubs, tennis racquets, or other sporting equipment despite the fact that 1 out of 3 women think that’s what they want.

How much are women spending on dads? 23% will spend between $20 and $50 on a gift which is very comparable to what men spend on moms for Mother’s Day (28% said they would spend that same amount on mom in Ebates.com’s recent Mother’s Day survey.)

In my house we celebrate Father's Day by cooking a nice breakfast and dinner for my husband and the kids make homemade cards and gifts for their dad.  He loves it.  I think it's more about paying special attention to the dad in your life, rather than making sure you get him the perfect gift.  I know that for Mother's Day, I enjoy just being spoiled that day and don't really care about getting gifts, although I must say I love my kids' homemade cards/gifts.  Those are the best!

Here's hoping that all you fathers out there get properly spoiled on Father's Day this Sunday!


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