Father's Day is a time for celebrating the men in our lives who have made a lasting impact on us. While many of us think that our own fathers or father figures should be famous for being remarkable humans, they'll likely have to settle for a spot of fame in our hearts.

However, New York State has been home to many famous and influential fathers throughout history. From politicians to entertainers, these ten fathers have deep roots in New York and have made significant contributions to their respective fields, leaving a lasting impact not only on New York but beyond.

These ten famous fathers have left enduring legacies, not just in New York but across the United States and beyond. They represent a range of fields and pursuits, but they all share a deep connection to the state that has helped shape who they are.

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On this Father's Day, we celebrate not just our own fathers and father figures, but also these influential men who have left their mark on the world.

10 of the Most Famous Fathers of New York State

From politicians to entertainers, these ten fathers have deep ties to New York and each has left a lasting imprint not only on our state but beyond.

Gallery Credit: Traci Taylor

Upstate New York Adventures To Give Dad For Fathers Day 2023

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The Godfather Mansion in New York

Take a look around the iconic Godfather House in Staten Island, New York

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