A listener wrote in with an interesting request.

They said: "I recently had a birthday and my youngest son let me know to be on the look out for a package.

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A few days ago I checked the mail and much to my surprise there were two packages from the same company. Both addressed to him so I knew they were for me. I opened the package to find a beautiful custom blanket with pictures of our family on it. It was so beautiful and super thoughtful. I opened the second package and found that some one had ordered a personalized blanket for their mom too but it wasn’t us. I felt bad that this mom was not going to get her special present.
I contacted my son to thank him and let him know about the other family’s blanket. Hoping that maybe we could send it back and they could forward it.
Unfortunately the company has not responded. While I would like to remain anonymous I was wondering if you would post and ask your followers to share to see if we can get Maryiah’s blanket to her mom."

Do you know the intended recipient of this item? Is it you? Please reach out to us so we can connect you with the person who received it.


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