I've seen some fairly wild promotions between top competitors in the fast food market before but this could be the wildest and most confusing yet.  So confusing in fact that it takes an instructional video to explain it all.

Burger King is trying to entice customers away from McDonalds by offering a free app to download on your phone which you use to get a Whopper for only 1 cent!  The catch is, you need to go to McDonalds first? Weird right? Here's what Burger King released on their facebook page:

introducing the #WhopperDetour. order a Whopper for a penny only “at” McDonald’s with the BK app. yes, you read that right, drive near a McDonald’s and use the BK app. no need to go to their drive-thru. get yours before December 12th. burgerking.app.link/i78LFkWdmS

Credit: Burger King, Facebook
Credit: Burger King, Facebook



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