The phrase  "It's the simple things in life" rang true for me yesterday when I succumbed to a craving for a Burger King Whopper.  Now, I must tell you that every time I've ever eaten one of these, there's nothing pretty about it.  It's saucy and sloppy and gets all over my hands and face.  The mess of it all seems unavoidable, well, until now.

Yesterday when I opened my Whopper box (now mind you, I hadn't had a Whopper in a few years), I was pleasantly surprised to find the burger neatly wrapped in paper.  Why is this different you ask?  After all, burgers are often fully wrapped in paper.  Well, the difference as you can see in the picture above is that they left one end up in the paper so that you can just sort of gently squeeze the burger out of the end you're eating while still keeping clean, AND best of all, keeping the contents of the burger IN the burger!  It's so much better than a fully wrapped burger, where you have to struggle with folding down one end of the paper which always has dribbly sauce on it and then proceeds to get on your hands.

I love the idea of the one-end-open sandwich wrap!  What I want to know is, why the heck did it take them so long to figure this out?  It's such a simple concept and so effective.

The moral of the story?  I think all messy burgers and sandwiches should be wrapped in this way and help us consumers keep the sloppy stuff off of us!

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