Does it seem like it takes longer to get your fast food order than it used to?  It's not your imagination.  QSR magazine ("quick-service restaurants") commissioned a study to be done on fast food restaurants to find out average wait times at the drive-thru.  Here's what they found: 

1. Wendy's - 2 minutes, 9 seconds
2. Taco Bell - 2 minutes, 29 seconds
3. McDonald's - 3 minutes, 8 seconds
4. Chick-fil-A - 3 minutes, 10 seconds
5. Burger King - 3 minutes, 20 seconds

The study also revealed that the recent increase in wait times at fast food restaurants  is largely due to the expansion of the menus. If you want to hold the pickle and the lettuce, it takes time to make the sandwich your way. If you want a smoothie, they have to combine the ingredients and then mix your smoothie.  So, if you are in a hurry, avoid peak times, head inside if there's a long drive-thru line, order something simple, or plan ahead and bring food with you from home.

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