By Liz Hill: Oneonta's Townsquare Media Intern


Hey everybody! This is your friendly radio intern here to discuss the Christmas gift transition! It started a few years ago, when all I wanted for Christmas was a new pair of pants, but now at the lovely age of 22, I am so excited to announce my Christmas present of choice is studded snow tires for my car. It's not that the magic is gone, it's just a little different now.

As I've grown older, I seem to have moved away from the materialistic Christmas and into a more practical Christmas. In fact, I am one of the lucky ones since most of my friends don't exchange presents with their parents at all anymore. I remember when I wanted everything advertised on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network from Pokemon cards and Gameboys to Playmobils and Legos. Also, as a typical 90's child, hair twirlers and anything bedazzled!

It's nice to keep Christmas present traditions however. For instance, my brother has every Hess truck since 1992 and every year they are placed on top of the hanging cabinets in the kitchen with a string of red and green flashing Christmas lights. Obviously his Hess truck collection isn't going to keep him warm at night or pay his bills, but it is nice to see the collection when I go home for Christmas each year.

So although I would love a few new Vinyl records, every season of "The Twilight Zone" on DVD and a new game for my NES (Nintento) game system, snow tires and laundry detergent are going to help me get me to work this winter and I'll smell socially acceptable with my clean clothes. Let us know on Facebook what your favorite Christmas gift as a child was... and when did you realize you made the tradition into adulthood with your expectations from Santa!

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