By Liz Hill: Oneonta's Townsquare Media Intern

Have you noticed that your presents are not as well received as you had hoped in recent years? Believe me, every year there was something under that tree that I just did not care for. Here are some things that your teenage daughter or son will not be happy to discover under your evergreen this year:

A DVD Box Set: why spend 60 dollars on your kids favorite TV show's latest season, when you could buy them a Netflix subscription for the year?

DO NOT under any circumstances stuff your teen's stocking with plain white knee high socks.  Try brightly colored anklets or knee high toe socks.

NO TEEN wants a Facebook gift card. If we had to pay for stuff on Facebook we would not use it.  Instead, try a gift card to Gamestop.  That's where all the cool games are.

After the pre-teen stage, anything bedazzled or sparkly is probably not going to light up your teen's face on Christmas day.  Take it from me, I'm 22 and my mother got me a blue and black zebra striped purse last year.  It is not okay.

Although you question your teen's hygiene at points.  Toothbrush and soap are not exciting, unless they are a gag gift, then, that is really funny! When I was 16,  I got an electric toothbrush for Christmas.  It stayed in the packaging until I went to college 2 years later.

And lastly, Bank Bonds.  They are just not as exciting as real money and when you are a teenager, you do not have the patience for them.  You want the money NOW, not ten years later.  Who thinks that far ahead?!

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