By Liz Hill: Oneonta's Townsquare Media Intern

Are you looking for great holiday gift ideas for your 8 to 12-year old?  I've been exploring and would like to share some cool toy ideas with you...

For the boy or girl in your life who is obsessed with Minecraft, do I have a treat for you. LEGO Minecraft toys: The Farm is available at Toys R Us. This will intrigue your kids to get off that computer and create, in real life!! There is also a really nifty LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall, for the future superstar in your life. I'll be straight with you... if I was 8 years old again, I would want this set!  The below video is a look at these toys...

It also appears that Nerf is still a hot item! I remember when I was a kid the Nerf guns were huge... Heck, when I first went to college we had a Nerf Gun war in the dorm halls. Some one even had the Gatling gun version! Needless to say they were the winner!

Recently I was invited to a Toys for Tots event at a comic book store, and was able to meet the artists and writers for Skylander. Skylander is a video game that I would say is for kids 8 and up. It has fun characters and besides being a video game it is also a cartoon. I'm not really into any games created after 1987 but this game looks really cool for the kids in your life!

If Halloween is any indicator, Frozen is still a hot topic among children everywhere! There is so much Frozen Merchandise that you can get, including video games, dolls, backpacks, and light up vanities just to name a few.

So from someone with no real certification on what your kids should play with.... This is your Townsquare Media Intern's top picks for this holiday season.

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