Saratoga Performing Arts Center is celebrating fifty-five years and finally, they are doing some much-needed upgrades. Many of the upgrades are decades old with some still how they were on opening day.

The Classical Performers Are Getting Much-Needed Upgrades

When SPAC opened in 1966 everything was state-of-the-art. Fast forward fifty-five years and some of those same elements have never been upgraded, until now. Members of the New York City Ballet, who come to SPAC every summer, have done their performances on the same floor on the stage!

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Also for fifty-five years, the Philadelphia Orchestra has been a staple at SPAC. For those five-and-a-half decades, SPAC has been borrowing chairs and music stands from a local high school.

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More Improvements Have Been Made

There is now a new floor for the New York City Ballet to dancing on and music stands and chairs have been purchased. The backstage area at SPAC has also gotten an upgrade. Those halls and rooms have also been the same since the 1966 summer opening. 1990 was the last time the sound system got an overhaul and now that too has been boosted into the 21st century.

Credit: Townsquare Media
Credit: Townsquare Media

In total, two million dollars worth of upgrades were done to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. They also used those funds to get state-of-the-art software so they could manage their donations and their ticketing according to the Times Union.

SPAC is anticipating this to be the biggest summer for concerts and performances. There are concerts, ballets, orchestra, opera, and comedians set to take the stage at Saratoga Performing Arts Center this summer. The season kicks off on May 26th.

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