Are you like me and don't even answer your phone until you check the caller I.D.?  If it's someone you know, THEN you pick it up, right?  It turns out that your caller I.D. may be lying to you!

Yesterday, on my land-line (yes, my family still has one), we received a call from Hartwick College according to our caller ID.  Now my husband and I both know people who work at the college so I thought it is probably someone we know.  Wrong!  It turned out to be an automated message with a woman asking me to call a phone number to receive information on how to update my expiring warranty. What warranty?  That's the hook of course.  It makes you wonder and want to call the number to find out.  Don't fall for it!  It's a scam.

To get more information on phone scams and what to do, New York State Attorney General Letticia James' website has great tips.  Click here for tips and information.

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