New York State Senator Peter Oberacker (R) who represents the 51st district has joined with other Senate Republicans in appealing to Governor Andrew Cuomo in a letter, regarding settlement money from a marketing firm.  According to the Attorney General's Office, following an investigation into one of the world’s largest consulting firms, McKinsey & Company, the company agreed to pay a settlement of $32 million to New York State for the company's role in working for and helping opioid drug companies promote their drugs. It was found that McKinsey & Company received millions of dollars in profit, taking advantage of the opioid epidemic. The funds from the agreement with that firm reached by the Attorney General are meant to be used towards abating the effects of excessive opioid use by improving and expanding treatment and recovery services here in New York State but Senator Oberacker says that the state budget puts that money into the general fund instead of earmarking it for prevention, treatment, and recovery services for those struggling with addiction.

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In his letter to Governor Cuomo, Senator Oberacker states, "These settlement monies need to be placed into a fund specifically administered for new
programs to combat opioid addiction in New York State." He goes on in the letter to point out what he and his fellow Republicans see as a lack of specifics in the appropriation of $32 million in the Aid to Localities bill of the Enacted Budget.

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