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New York State Police and the Attorney General's Office are investigating a shooting in the Village of Walton, NY involving one of its police officers early Monday morning. According to New York State Police, an Village of Walton police officer was sent out on a call to a disturbance at a residence on Griswold Street in the village just before 3:30 a.m. on Monday morning.

Upon arrival, the officer made contact with 66-year-old resident, Paul J. Weeden. It appeared that Weeden was holding a gun and pointing it at the officer on duty. Upon seeing the "gun" pointed at him, the officer retreated.

As the officer was retreating, Weeden followed him and was told all the while, multiple times, to drop his weapon. Weeden ignored all commands and continued to point his weapon at the officer. When those repeated commands from the officer were ignored, the officer then fired his gun at Weeden, striking him.

EMS was called immediately and even though emergency aid was given to Weeden, he died on the scene. It has not been released as to if Weeden was holding an actual gun or not. All that's known is that the officer involved believed Weeden was holding a gun. An investigation is ongoing and we'll provide an update as it is given.

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