It's festival season and believe it or not, it's been 50 years since the first Worcester, NY Strawberry Fest and this Saturday, June 18th the celebration will be a big one for area residents to come out and enjoy at the Worcester-Schenevus Library.

In years past, Strawberry Fest was held at the First Presbyterian Church of Worcester which happens to be right next door to the library at 170 Main St., Worcester. The Strawberry Fest is named for the yummy, lip-smacking strawberry shortcake that will be available to enjoy. This isn't the kind with the store-bought cakes, this is the old-fashioned, homemade biscuits, topped with delicious fresh strawberries and REAL whipped cream crowning it all! This is the kind grandma used to make and it will be ready to go this Saturday in Worcester for all to enjoy.

Just so you know, there is a lot more to this long-running festival than strawberry shortcake. There will be Brooks House of BBQ chicken dinners available at the event, starting at 11:00 am until sold out, the Eastern Otsego Farmers Market will be on-site, the Worcester Central School jazz band and chorus will be performing, and there will be a town-wide lawn/garage sale going on for bargain hunters. In addition, each child will receive three, brand new books to take home, just for coming out to the festival.

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This kind of small-town simple fun is the best kind I think and reminds us all of carefree, summertime days from years past. Here's hoping that Worcester's Strawberry Fest continues for many more years to come!

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