According to AllOTSEGO, the Otsego County grand jury has indicted Dylan Robinson, 15, Alexander Borgreen, 16, Anais Soto, 15 and Nicolas Meridy, 32, for the murder of Dylan’s father Kenneth Robinson, 53, at his Worcester home in October. Those three teens will be tried as adults on the charges of Murder, second degree, Burglary, first degree, and Attempted Robbery, first degree.  Robinson, Meridy and Borgreen have also been indicted for Arson, third degree.

The four are accused of breaking into the home of Kenneth Robinson with the intention of stealing marijuana and money, but during the robbery, Dylan Robinson shot his father in the chest and the head, resulting in his death.

Two other girls involved that day include Alexis Lotterman, 16, of Walton and Tatiana Febo, 17, of Downsville, who were charged with burglary, first degree, but will be tried in family court.

This story provided in partnership with AllOTSEGO.

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