Have you had a recent break up and wondered what went wrong?  Maybe this will help.  There's a website called WotWentWrong.com that examines the reasons we break up with each other.  They compiled three months of Breakup Statistics and here are some findings:

In Short-Term Relationships, the top three reasons given for breaking up:

1. You drink too much.
2. You only want a sexual relationship.
3. There's someone else.

In Medium-Term Relationships (up to 6 months), the top three reasons given for breaking up:

1. I'm not ready for a relationship.
2. I'm not over a previous relationship.
3. Too much fighting.

In Long-Term Relationships (longer than 6 months) the top three reasons for breaking up:

1. Too much fighting.
2. There's someone else.
3. Too high maintenance/Too overweight/You have issues with gambling/Your sex drive is too low.

The top reasons for breakup among people who blamed it on physical reasons:

1. Too fat - 32%
2. Bad hygiene - 19%
3. Too tall - 19%
4. Too hairy - 13%
5. Bad breath - 8%
6. Too short - 8%
7. Bad teeth - 3%

So, are you any  closer to figuring out what went wrong with your relationship?

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