Earlier this week, we examined 6 Things That Shock People After Moving to Oneonta, NY, and items from a lack of a bakery to huge Christmas Trees came up. But there are some things that you'll only truly understand if you've lived here for an extended period of time. It's sometimes easy to forget that we live in a region that has wacky weather with finicky seasons with precipitation variating in the forms of rain, snow, both etc.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

You may have heard about upstate winter and epic snowstorms, but do you really understand winter here unless you've experienced it, and then had to live with snow covered ground until mid to late spring? How about snows in April that topple trees and power lines. No one truly knows until they experience these things firsthand. How about unique features that some of us have in our homes? Many houses in the area were constructed well over one hundred years ago.

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Bygone eras linger in Oneonta

We've talked about bars that are but a memory in Oneonta, but what of the bars that everyone remembers that are still here? How about the smell of charcoal that grabs you by the boo boo when you're driving down Route 7?

So, what are some of the many things you'll only understand if you live in Oneonta, New York? Here are eight examples that locals provided. Do you agree with them?

Six Things You'll Only Understand if You Live in Oneonta

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