Moving to a new place can be absolute clown shoes for many reasons. Even if you're coming from downstate or New York City, things are quite different up this way. Whether it's simple things that are missed from your place of origin, where you go to register your car, or differences in weather, everywhere is different once you become a resident.

I remember moving to Oneonta to attend school and noticing how much different it was from my downstate upbringing. There was less traffic, and more snow, and being a small community, everyone knew everyone else. Sometimes I missed the anonymity that came with living in a place with a whole lot of other people.

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I've moved with my family a number of times. In early 2007, we moved from Otsego County to Colorado Springs, and then in 2017 to Charleston, South Carolina, and finally back to Otsego County in 2020 during the pandemic. Upon moving to Colorado, I didn't expect much in the way of culture shock, but I was proven wrong very quickly once I encountered folks that had also migrated from other parts of the country, and their driving style. While living in the South, the minute I opened my mouth, I screamed Yankee no matter what I was saying.

My own experiences led me to ponder what might shock people who have newly arrived here, either as new transplants, college students, or even wayward travelers who took one look at the environs and chose to stay.

If any of this offends you, remember, that these are things noted by reading social media comments and conversations with people and are not necessarily facts! Regardless, it's amazing to see our area through someone else's viewpoint.

6 Things That Shock People After Moving to Oneonta, NY


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