Those of us of a certain age will inevitably balk or light up at the mention of certain bars, clubs, or dives that we once visited or worked at in the City of the Hills back in the day. Here's a not so complete list of the ghosts of bars past. This will either bring back memories, a bit of cringe, or both!

The Brig

Located at approximately 14 Water Street, the Brig is rife with myth and legend amongst old timers. From second and third hand accounts this was the original Oneonta dive bar that students and townsfolk visited way back in the dark ages to get their booze on. The space went on to be Joey's Only, Smokey Joe's Cafe, The Republic, and is now Asian Cuisine and Bar.

The Silver Bullet

In the late 90s and early 2000s if you went out in Oneonta you knew John Gallucci and his magnum opus, colloquially known as the Bullet. Equal parts dance club, live music venue, clubhouse, bar or late night munchie spot, the Bullet had you covered. Sadly, John passed away suddenly a few years back, but his legacy in Oneonta lives on.

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The Alley

Remember the "you shall never go there" scene in the Lion King? Well, that was the Alley. Think a hybrid of a wild west saloon and the cantina on Mos Eisley and whammo, that's what they Alley was. Located at the end of Water Street, it truly seemed like the end of the line in so many ways, and eventually went the way of the dodo.

The Aquarium

Less a serene place where you observe aquatic life and more like a depraved meat market, the Aquarium is where you stayed if you were underage and wanted to blend in, or if you just wanted to end the night with a companion you had just met at last call, and all other options had been exhausted.

General Clinton Pub

I can STILL smell that smell that would emanate from the General Clinton Pub as my feet stuck to the floor. The General Clinton was a more chill mix of people, from college kids to locals and featured decent live music from time to time. It's since been beautifully morphed into the B Side Ballroom, but a hint of the old lingers in the shadows if you look at things just the right way.

The Dark Horse Saloon

It's hard to believe that the Dark Horse burned down over thirty years ago. I remember seeing the sign that hung in the Copper Fox, and hearing the stories of the tavern that burned under suspicious circumstances on a frigid morning in 1992.

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