I will never, ever forget my trip to Memphis during the winter of 2018. I was flying from Binghamton for a conference and to visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and while both the conference and hospital visit were fantastic, my airport experience was not.

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My first mistake was taking a duffel bag as my carry-on luggage. I hadn’t factored in that I might need to run with said duffel bag to catch connecting flights. My second mistake was wearing stretchy jegging type jeans that were a tad too big. While struggling to run through the Detroit airport while carrying my duffel bag, my stretchy jegging jeans decided to lost their elasticity. And just like that, I was suddenly struggling to run with a duffel bag while holding my pants up.

I’ve flown dozens and dozens of times in my life, but lost all common sense on that trip a mistake I’ll never make again. As I prepare to fly back to Memphis for another seminar this October, I decided that I should probably put more thought into what to wear and not wear (not to mention what type of luggage not to take) this time around.

While searching for the best outfit tips for flying, I stumbled on something interesting. A flight attendant named Tommy Cimato did a TikTok on some of the things a person should never wear on a plane and the number one thing was – shorts.

According to Cimato, airplane seats are covered in germs and any exposed skin is going to also be exposed to who knows what kind of germs. Cimato said, "You never know how clean it's going to be, so if you have pants, you're going to have fewer germs."

According to travel experts, there are several other things you should do your best to avoid wearing while flying. So, if you'll be traveling the sky anytime soon, you might want to take a peek!

The Ten Things You Should Avoid Wearing While Flying

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