In a way, it's almost as though the flood gates have been opened and New Yorkers are spilling out and all over the place.

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After being cooped up for nearly two years, New Yorkers aren't sitting back and letting the opportunity to travel pass them by and for many, Memorial Day weekend is the first time that New Yorkers have been able to get away for summer vacation since the pandemic and all of the restrictions that came with it.

Travel this Memorial Day weekend is expected to be substantial all across the state and with heavy travel comes another ominous warning from experts (because everything is blown up to ominous proportions these days, aren't they?): brace yourself for what is being called 'Flightmare.'

With the average roundtrip domestic airline ticket in New York coming in at $317.76, which is under the national average, New York airports are bracing for a surge in travelers and experts are saying that the influx in travelers might lead to delays, postponement, or even cancelations not only over this long holiday weekend but through the summer season.

Rose Ackermann is the Executive Editor at Family Destinations Guide and she warns that New Yorkers should prepare for longer wait times at places like the TSA security screening area, baggage claim, and even individual counters for various airlines.

The TSA is also bracing for an overwhelming number of summertime travelers and advises that staff, which are already in short supply in many locations, might be overwhemed which certainly would play into the longer wait idea that Ackermann shared.

And there you have it- a full explanation of how the term 'Flightmare' became one based on something that hasn't even happened yet. In all seriousness though, if you're traveling this summer, particularly with children, Family Destinations Guide has some fantastic ideas on how to do so as seamlessly as possible.

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