Holiday Survival Guide

White Christmas? Zip Code Tool Tells You Yes or No
Many are dreaming of a white Christmas and now there is a tool that will determine whether or not you will get one according to your zip code. Seems like a very rudimentary way, but the Farmer's Almanac says they can tell. Here's how.
Have Santa Deliver A Free Personal Video Message
Christmas is definitely different this year and sitting on Santa's lap may be a thing of the past. But there is a special way you can have your kids get a special video message from the big guy for free. Here are the details.
Favorite and Easy Side Dish Recipe For Thanksgiving [GALLERY]
There are many people who don't like green bean casserole because it isn't made the way that my family makes it. We make a delicious white cream sauce instead of using the cream of mushroom soup and it is one of my favorite side dishes. You will love it too because it's super easy to make. Happy Thanksgiving!