Christmas is definitely different this year and sitting on Santa's lap may be a thing of the past. But there is a special way you can have your kids get a special video message from the big guy for free. Here are the details. According to, there is a place called Portable North Pole where you get to have your kids get a personalized video from Santa Claus himself. The cool thing is you can do it through your iPhone or your Android smartphone.

All you do is enter your kid's name and pictures in the app. These are used for a video greeting from Santa Claus personalized just for them. There are two different interactive videos where you can enter up to four names to do a group video as well. This makes it a fun personalized experience with Santa for the whole family.

Even though there are only two short videos to try for free, you can buy premium packages that range from four ninety-nine and fourteen ninety-nine. These videos combine calls and video calls from Santa Claus. There is a portion of the sales of these videos that go to local children's hospitals.

Another thing they are offering is "My Christmas Story" which is a personalized book that shows your child traveling to Santa's Village to save Christmas. They are joined by elves, dogs, and the big guy himself. The book also comes with a personalized video message from Santa. The "My Christmas Story" book is thirty-seven dollars and eighty-seven cents.

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