This year it may be hard to see all of our loved ones at Christmas and you might have to mail your gifts. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced the dates packages should be mailed by to get them there on time. To say that 2020 has been strange would be an understatement. Plus not being able to see loved ones on Thanksgiving may be a precursor to how we may have to celebrate Christmas, from a distance. Here is some important information about mailing your Christmas gifts this holiday season for the post office.

This holiday season, the USPS is anticipating that there will be a significant increase in holiday packages being mailed. To get ahead of the rush, they have released the dates that they should be mailed by to ensure your gifts get to your loved ones this holiday season.

According to News 10 ABC, you may also see your postal carrier on Sundays. The Sunday delivery service began on the 29th and will continue through the holiday season. Usually, the mail service is at its peak two weeks before Christmas, but this year, because of the pandemic, it will be a steady flow of deliveries.

If you are expecting your packages to be delivered by Christmas Day (Dec 25th) here are the dates the post office recommends you mail them by. If you are mailing to Air/Army Post Office (APO)/Fleet Post Office (FPO)/Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) and domestic addresses.

  • Dec. 9   — APO/FPO/DPO  Priority Mail and First-Class Mail
  • Dec. 11 — APO/FPO/DPO (all other ZIP Codes) Priority Mail and First-Class Mail services
  • Dec. 15 — USPS Retail Ground service
  • Dec. 18 — APO/FPO/DPO-USPS Priority Mail Express service
  • Dec. 18 — First-Class Mail service (including greeting cards)
  • Dec. 18 — First-class packages (up to 15.99 ounces)
  • Dec. 19 — Priority Mail service
  • Dec. 23 — Priority Mail Express service

You can also use the USPS click-n-ship option and not have to visit the post office. For more info and details on shipping Christmas packages through the USPS, click HERE.

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