During October, classic and new classic horror movies get all the attention. Those little films that were once calling cards amongst fans are now splashed all over cable TV, and unless they're on IFC or streaming, all the best bits are edited right out.

But there's an entire cavalcade of classic horror and suspense shows that you may have seen long ago, or haven't seen yet that are worth the watch. Here are some highly rated examples.

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Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

This absolutely bonkers British series was released in 2004 and stars Richard Ayoade and Matt Berry, who are now household names. The show is a mockery of 80s TV drama with the insertion of horror and comedy elements. There's a lot to unpack with this one, just go watch it, it spans just six episodes.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

I'm still mad this was cancelled when it was. I've been an Evil Dead/Ash fan for a long, long time. This series was an absolute delight, played some fan service, and put a nice bow on the story of Ashy Slashy. I'll always lament that we only got three seasons, but three is definitely better than zero.

Tales from the Darkside

Night of the Living Dead creator George Romero is responsible for this one. Running four seasons in the 1980s, Tales was an anthology series that dabbled in everything from horror to comedy to drama to thrillers. Each self contained story usually ended with a plot twist. Once the show ended, a film was released in 1990. Subsequent reboots have not garnered any traction. Stream On Amazon Prime Video.


The revival series, seen on AMC's Shudder is SO GOOD. Greg Nicotero (Living Dead series, The Walking Dead) is really the only one who can pull this off. The episodes feature faces you know, and they really look and feel like the original film. Where's my cake, a new season is coming this week. Stream on Shudder.

Friday the 13th: The Series

This show had absolutely nothing to do with Jason Vorhees or the movies it was named for, but it was really good. Not a thing about slashers, rather, it was about two cousins and a whole bunch of cursed antiques. I remember watching and enjoying this as a kid way back when. Stream On Amazon Prime Video.

The Hitchhiker

I remember watching this on USA network as a kid and really getting pulled in. This was storytelling ahead of its time. This was another anthology horror series, with the central character of the Hitchhiker ushering us into and out of the stories. Streaming on MAX.

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