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I wanted to take a minute to loop you in on a new feature we're debuting right now on my show on WZOZ. Welcome to Fork Report Friday! Every Friday we're going to be talking about all things food related here in Oneonta and Otsego County.

Whether it's what you're cooking in your own kitchen, a friend's kitchen, or what you ate at that down low local spot, I want to hear from you! The best way to get ahold of me is to download the WZOZ app from our website, and jump on our app chat with your comments. I'd like this to be as interactive as possible.

Photo by Outcast India on Unsplash
Photo by Outcast India on Unsplash

This is a subject near and dear to my heart. Before my career in radio, I managed restaurants, cooked in commercial kitchens, led food tours from coast to coast in the US and Canada for eight years, wrote published food articles, and worked for a famous French cookware company. Rest assured that you'll be getting tips and advice from someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about food.

In the near future, we'll have local chefs and restaurant owners live in studio with us. We'll be sampling their food and speaking with them about their offerings.

Again, the goal is to make this as interactive as possible! I'm talking to YOU! Today's culinary question of the day is one that's been hotly and widely debated. Wait for it....

Is a burrito a sandwich?

Photo by Ryan Concepcion on Unsplash
Photo by Ryan Concepcion on Unsplash

Send your answers in, and I'll be sure to read the best ones live on air!

Stay hungry,


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