Rail Explorers, a company with rail bike excursions out of the Milford, NY's Charlotte Valley Railroad depot has a few new rail bike excursions for 2022 that I bet could tempt even the most dedicated of couch potatoes. Instead of going to Cooperstown and back, these trips roll along the countryside on a different track - The Charlotte Vally Express trail which runs in a southerly direction along the Susquehanna River with a beautiful and varied landscape to enjoy. It runs over an amazing 200-foot-long Portlandville Trestle which will take your breath away. This track is shorter at 8 miles than the 12-mile Cooperstown one and goes toward Portlandville which is south of the Milford depot.

There are a couple of rail bike excursions on the Charlotte Vally Express rail line that really caught my eye. One is for people like me who love mornings, freshly baked goodies, along with a delicious cup of fresh-brewed coffee. "The Breakfast Express Tour" is about a 2-hour, rail bike ride with a private outdoor breakfast nook in a beautiful forested area as the destination. If you can manage to keep your hands out of the picnic basket, once at the cozy and beautiful picnic spot, you can enjoy delights from Cooperstown's Schneiders bakery (fresh croissants, pastries, and muffins) along with fruit, smoothies, juices, fresh-brewed coffee, and iced Illy Coffee. It's enough for a king and queen! What's NOT to love about this one? Also, it doesn't matter if you're feeling lazy and the thought of peddling for 8 miles is daunting because the rail bikes from Rail Explorers have something called 'REX Propulsion System' which is custom-built electric motors that practically do all the work for you. They say it's effortless since all you have to do is move your feet in a circular motion. The rail bike does most of the work for you.

Another effortless rail bike ride is the Charlotte Valley Fireside Tour which brings you to a wonderful spot alongside the Susquehanna River where you can enjoy a cozy campfire at twilight. Don't forget to pack your marshmallows to roast by the fire. You'll end up returning in the dark but no worries since the railbikes have lights on them. Talk about romantic!

You can find out about all the different rail bike rides offered through Rail Explorers from the Milford train depot at railexplorers.net/tours/cooperstown.

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