A Central New York mother is warning of the dangers of those plastic Easter eggs after a near-fatal disaster with her daughter.

Alissa Rose of Poland was preparing Easter baskets and gave her daughter Gia one of the eggs to play with, thinking nothing of it. "I happened to look over because I heard a weird suction noise and I noticed she was struggling to get something out of her mouth."

The egg got sucked into Gia's throat. "It looked like a ping pong ball because it was only 1/2 of the egg that got sucked into her throat and the round part was facing towards me so I had nothing to grab," said Rose.

Credit - Alissa Rose via Facebook
Credit - Alissa Rose via Facebook

Rose tried to scoop out the egg without panicking but she says it just went further back into her daughter's throat. "I flipped her downwards and started hitting her back to try and push it forward. It was so far back and literally suctioned."

Rose's brother Dan jumped in to help, sticking two fingers almost all the way down Gia's throat to get behind the plastic egg. "The noise it made when the suction finally released, I can’t get out of my mind."

Luckily the egg popped out. Gia took a huge gasp and started screaming. "I just kept hugging her making sure she was ok," said Rose. "This all happened within 30 seconds but it felt like forever and I can't stop thinking about how she was playing in her room with them a few minutes before. I would have never known she was choking because it happened so fast."

Rose is warning other parents of the dangers of plastic eggs, despite how innocent they look.  "All we can think is she bit just perfectly on the egg and it popped off with pressure and sent it in the throat. I’m not saying your kids can’t play with Easter eggs, I’m simply saying just watch out for them."

Despite the negativity that can often follow on social media, Rose felt it was an important message to pass along. "If it could help even one person/child then it was worth it."

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