Back in July I reported on the Spotted Lantern Fly and the danger this little pest brings to New York State. Well, our work is not done, it's just beginning and it is your duty as a New Yorker to squash this bugger if you see it.

According to New York iMap Invasives, the Spotted lanternfly came to North America from Asia and this insect feeds on a number of different plants. We are talking the loss of grapes, maple trees and hops (a.k.a. BEER)! The Spotted Lanternfly is a threat to our state forests and agriculture! Your marching orders are to kill first, ask questions later. So, if you see it KILL IT! Then report it.

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Here is another way you can help. The Spotted Lanternfly's go to meal is the Tree-of-heaven, which is all over New York State. If you have this plant, rip it out! You can also volunteer to look for either the Spotted Lanternfly or the Tree-of-heaven in your area. Sign up to be a volunteer HERE.

Have you spotted the Spotted Lanternfly? If you have you will need to do the following immediately:

  • Kill it!
  • Photograph the insect
  • Capture the insect and place it in a jar with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer
  • If no jar and rubbing alcohol are available, place the insect in a freezer
  • Contact a Spotted Lanternfly Responder HERE ASAP!

The Spotted Lantedfly is relatively new to the United States, with it's first detection coming in 2014. The nuisance pest likes to eat it's way through 70 different plants and has been 'spotted' throughout New York State on Staten Island, Port Jervis, Sloatsburg, Orangeburg, and Ithaca. SLF are not known to be dangerous to people or pets.

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