Wait...who said Easter Egg Hunts had to be for kids? Why can't adults join in on the hunting fun?

That's not the case anymore. Adult Easter Egg hunts have been becoming more and more popular as the years have gone on, and one has been announced for 2022 right here in Central New York.

Get dolled up in your Sunday best for an afternoon of friends, fun and finding eggs and scoring prizes. The Landmark's Greater Society of Utica is hosting a fancy schmancy Easter Egg Hunt for adults on April 16 from noon to 3PM.

Get dressed up in your Sunday best, don your loveliest Easter Bonnet and join for friends for mimosas, merriment, munchies and even a wee bit of mayhem as you scour the lawns of our beautiful Rutger Park Mansions.

All of the proceeds made from this event helps the preservation of our areas rich architectural heritage, which is the mission of the Landmark's Greater Society of Utica.

Where's The Adult Egg Hunt Taking Place?

The event is taking place at the Rutger Mansion: 3 Rutger Park, Utica, NY.

Tickets are just $25 to purchase and include five eggs and your first drink. If you'd like to purchase a few additional eggs, you can do so for $5. The eggs are filled with prizes big and small, you never know how lucky you could get.

If you're a local business, the Landmarks Society is asking for your help with this event.

if you are a business, of any kind in our area, we are asking you to help us fill our 350+ eggs. Prizes can be big or small, or a simple financial donation (and our team can purchase prizes to complete the deal.)
If you are a business, dining, entertainment, sporting, Health, crafts or personal products please consider a donation. Please contact us by phone or by email - leaving a message to which we will gladly return - 315 732- 7376 or Landmarkskd@aol.com or respond to this page.
Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Will you be getting tickets for the Adult Easter Egg Hunt? It seems like an eggs-cellent time to be had by all.

Fun Places To Hide Easter Eggs To Stump Your Kids

Easter is right around the corner and now it's time to start thinking about your yearly Easter egg hunt. You can't make it easy for your kids to find those Easter eggs. Making it tough for them gives you time to enjoy a mimosa while you watch them find the Easter eggs. 

Here are some places that will make it a little harder but fun for your kids to find those Easter eggs.

The Grown Up Easter Basket

Imagine all the fun of an Easter egg hunt just like when you were a kid but instead of tracking down candy and hard boiled eggs you hunt for stuff you want as a grown up. Here are some of my ideas for a grown up Easter egg hunt.

Popular Easter Candy

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