As adults, (if you are one) are we too old to receive an Easter basket full of candy or gifts? Well, I haven't received an Easter basket since I became an adult a few years ago. Okay many decades ago.

But, I do put one together for my wife most years. She balks at it every time, but I know she enjoys most of the candy just the same, and if not, well, here I am to assist in the disappearance of any unwanted candy. Fine, maybe there is an angle here for me since I do have a sweet tooth.

But there are types of candies I am not a fan of. Last week, I ran across a package of sugar gumdrops in a local grocery store. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a few of those types of candy, so I made the purchase.

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Later that evening, I popped a couple of the gumdrops in my mouth and suddenly began to taste something odd. There was a hint of spiciness to the taste of this candy. That seemed a bit weird. So, I check the description on the top of the container, and in small print, which I did not pay attention to, read 'Spicy Gumdrops.'

That was a disappointment. I am not a fan of spicy foods, and certainly not spicy candy. But apparently, I'm in the minority since a few of my co-workers love spicy gumdrops. Guess where my purchase ended up?

And during that same trip, I purchased what I thought was plain chicken slices for making sandwiches for lunch while at work. Again, I did not read the label, because it clearly stated it was Buffalo Wing Spicy Chicken slices.

The moral of this story? I need to pay attention to the label whenever I go shopping for food, and bring reading glasses so I can clearly see what I'm about to purchase. It's fun getting older.

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