On the heels of another major power outage in New York City last night due to too much demand on the power grid during the heat wave, I am impressed with our local power company's proactive approach to dealing with a higher electricity demand during our weekend's hot temperatures.

NYSEG was proactive and sent out an email to customers on Friday, asking for consumers to conserve energy as much as possible.  The mailing included tips on ways to conserve energy and informed customers on ways in which the company was prepared for the added electricity demand on the power grid by adding extra staff for the weekend to deal with any issues that may arise.

As a NYSEG customer, I appreciated the company's preparation since being without power during an excessive heat wave is not just uncomfortable, it can be dangerous to those who are vulnerable: infants and the elderly.

A job well done NYSEG!  You can view the NYSEG announcement released on Friday below.

Credit: NYSEG
Credit: NYSEG


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