In the state of New York, there are 945,000 people who get up every day and head to one of more than 78,000 establishments where they work as retail workers. That's nearly a million people in the state of New York who are working retail jobs.

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The retail industry in New York garners sales exceeding more than $291billion dollars each year and is not only a massive revenue source for the state, but a huge employer, too.

There's an excellent chance that someone you know works in retail. Maybe they're a college student working to pay tuition, maybe they're someone who has picked up an extra job to make ends meet, maybe they're someone who got into retail, fell in love with it, and decided to make it their career.

Retail makes up a huge part of our economy and those who work retail are often the last to receive thanks for what they do. Most retailers stayed open during the pandemic and most are struggling with staffing issues. Many retail workers work jobs where they spend their day being pelted by questions, yelled at, and cleaning up after customers.

With such a huge number of New Yorkers working in retail, we thought we'd reach out to them to find out what it is they wish that their customers really knew.

25 Things New York Retail Employees Wish Customers Knew

Working retail is a hard and often thankless job and there's so much that retail workers wish their customers knew. These are 25 of those things.

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