I consider myself blessed in the true meaning of the word to have a job that is more than just something I go to and suffer through each day. Imagine having a hobby and being paid to do your hobby every day. That's how I feel about my job.

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Sure, there are ups and downs at my workplace just as there are anywhere, but I can't see ever voluntarily leaving unless something drastic in my personal life were to happen and leave me with no other option. If you feel the same, you and I may be in the minority, especially in the coming months.

Have you heard about the “Great Resignation?” That's what this time we're living in has been dubbed because people are quitting their jobs literally left and right. 4 million employees in the United States gave their job the heave-ho in April of this year, a record number of resignations since 2000. And, it looks like it's only going to get worse. According to Microsoft,  41% of employees around the globe are thinking about quitting their job this year.

Logic would say having just lived through an economically shaky pandemic would keep people working but that's not even remotely the case. As a matter of fact, the pandemic might have a big reason to do with people walking away.

Experts say many who worked through the pandemic are burned out on being burned out and are leaving to find something less taxing on themselves. Others say that being in a pandemic really opened their eyes to what's important to them and they're looking for a job that brings them joy while others say their motivation is all about finding a better work-life balance.

If you've had enough and you're looking for your next move, you might want to check out our Southern Tier Open For Business group on Facebook where local businesses are constantly posting about local job openings.

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