It truly is frustrating that we are in the year 2022 and salary discussions are still hush-hush. It is still considered uncouth for an employee to talk about how much they make (or don't make for that matter) within the workplace.

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What are companies afraid of? Are they afraid that they will be exposed for heaping work upon the shoulders of their employees without giving said employees adequate compensation? News flash – employees are already well aware of this. Are they afraid that employees who do little work will be discovered to make more money than employees who do all of the work? Another news flash- employees know this, too.

How deflating it is when a job posting boasts “competitive pay!” when in reality, competitive pay generally isn’t even enough extra to offset the cost of daycare for a year. Telling an adult that a job offers competitive pay is like telling a child liver and onions are delicious when the child knows full well they are not. Adults know competitive pay means nothing and yet we still get excited at the possibility of being paid our worth.

A pay transparency ordinance will soon go into effect in New York City. The ordinance will require employers when listing a job opening, to also list the salary right along with all of the other things found in a typical job posting such as experience and education requirements.

In New York City, employers will be mandated to let people know the salary of an available job straight off instead of luring a person in with images of grand competitive pay only to find out the employers' idea of competitive pay is way different than the potential employee’s idea.

Often women and minorities are reeled in and then paid less than their male counterparts for the same amount of work or more work. The idea behind the new ordinance is that there will be full pay transparency and perhaps it will help work toward bridging the pay gap between women and minorities.

What do you think about the pay transparency ordinance? Do you think this is something that would be beneficial if it were to be rolled out all across New York state?

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