Uh, oh. It's me. I'm the annoying co-worker and I didn't even realize it until right this very second and you know what? There's a pretty good chance that you might fall into the annoying co-worker category, too.

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It's easy to not even consider that you or I might be the co-workers who make our fellow office mates grind their teeth. I mean, we're certainly not the ones who are sending an overabundance of unnecessary emails, right?

We're not the co-worker who always has just one more question at the end of an already too long meeting. We show up for work every day and don't ghost our job. We remember birthdays and give tender smiles when we can sense one of our co-workers is having a bad day.

We don't spend every second of our day complaining about trivial things or walk around giving the death glare to others. We don't heat up smelly foods in the company kitchen for lunch and we're always the first to step up and offer to help out when the situation calls for it.

An annoying co-worker is very much a thing. However, while 57 percent of employees say they've considered walking away from their job because one of their co-workers was just too much to handle, the reality is that only 29 percent of people have actually followed through by packing up their things and walking out.

Why then might you and I be considered the most annoying co-worker in our workplace?

Quality Logo Products commissioned a survey to find out what New Yorkers said was the most annoying trait of a fellow co-worker and it wasn't gossip or taking credit for someone else's work or even droning on and on about politics.

92 percent of New Yorkers say the very most annoying trait that a co-worker can possess is - being too loud. That's right. If you laugh too loud, talk too loud, or do anything too loud, your co-workers all agree that YOU are the most annoying person in the office even if you're only a loud person because you're filled with a zest for life. Ouch.


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