While 'Maniac' doesn't mark the first time Elijah Wood has played a psychopath (remember his creepy turn in 'Sin City'?), it's certainly showing us a side of Frodo Baggins we've never seen before. Not that you'll actually see much of him in it. The film, a remake of a nasty 80s cult classic, takes place from the Wood character's point of view, so we'll only get to actually view his face in reflections.

If you want a peek inside the mind of this remake, the first six minutes of 'Maniac' have been released online and can be watched after the break!

The opening of 'Maniac' introduces us, more or less, to Frank (Wood), an unseemly fellow keeping tabs from afar on a skimpily-dressed object of affection. After a 'Drive'-inspired journey through the grimier side of L.A., Frank arrives at her apartment and, shall we say, surprises her. While the footage is not overly explicit, you still might consider this NSFW (especially the last few seconds).

There's certainly something unsettling about being in the head of the killer as opposed to just watching things play out objectively. Director Franck Khalfoun ('P2') and producer Alexandre Aja ('Piranha') have spiced up what would likely be another tired horror remake with a you-are-there approach that is sure to rub a lot of people in a very icky, uncomfortable way. (We wonder if "Psycho POV" is the next "found footage.")

'Maniac' is rolling out in Europe this week and throughout the winter; it was picked up for North American distribution by IFC, but has not received a release date yet. Check out the footage below if you're eager to spend a little time with Frank.

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