Over on our sister station WDOS AM730, Big Chuck and Dan got to talking, and when that happens, nothing good can come of it. Big Chuck theorizes that the famed Moon rock is an Earth rock.

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This preposterous hypothesis came to be after Big Chuck and I discussed the recent Shuttle Discovery trip to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

Housed inside the National Air and Space Museum is, of course, the Moon rock you can touch. I've touched it. Big Chuck has touched it. Was it life altering? No. Do I really remember doing it? No. But it happened. I did it.

Then Big Chuck said he thought it was a fraud. That all this time the museum was pulling the wool over our eyes.

Why would he think such a thing? He says it's because he used to listen to Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. Edgar Bergen was a radio ventriloquist.

"He was like the Moon rock of radio comedy," Big Chuck said.

We found a full show for you to listen to:

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