Two big community events are on the way shortly: the first is the Polar Bear Jump Auction on January 28th and the second is the Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump on February 15th.  Both events raise funds for area children struggling with serious illnesses. 

Brenda and Jamie Waters of Milford are the organizers and founders of these events.  Listen below to her interview with me this morning, giving details about the two upcoming events.

With the help of many volunteers and jumpers, each year, thousands of dollars are raised to help support the families of the recipients.  Check out this year's recipients pictured below.  I happen to know two children in the group.  How about you?  Although, just having healthy children of my own is compelling enough to donate.


Even if you don't want to jump in the frigid waters of Goodyear Lake, you can still give to this cause by attending the Polar Bear Jump Auction at Milford School on Sunday, January 26th, starting at 12:30p.  And if you happen to be brave enough to take the plunge, then register on the Polar Bear Jump website and then gather sponsors for the Polar Bear Jump.

Following the frigid plunge is a Banquet and awards ceremony at the Elks Club on Chestnut Street in Oneonta starting at 6:30pm.  That is open to all.

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