The Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump, which would have celebrated it's 25th Anniversary this coming February, will not be happening this winter according to event organizers Brenda and Jamie Waters.  On the Polar Bear Jump's website, the following explanation of the cancelation was posted:

We regret to inform all of our loyal supporters that the 25th annual Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump has been canceled due to a recent motor vehicle accident involving Brenda and Jamie Waters.
We have come up with a way to help the recipients that have already been selected. There will be a contest in January to design a No Fear T-shirt. Anyone raising a minimum of $100 will receive a No Fear T-shirt.
Goody, The Waters family, and all of our dedicated volunteers will miss the brave and loyal jumpers this year. We look forward to again seeing you on February 20th, 2021.
We encourage you to go to the website, or follow us on facebook for details in regards to any upcoming contest or events.
Any letters with ideas or concerns can be mailed: The Waters, P.O. Box 298, Milford NY, 13807.

If you are wondering about what The Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump does for our community, it is a non-profit organization that annually raises money for local children, adults, and other local organizations who need a helping hand. Much of the time, those served have serious illnesses or diseases and need financial help with mounting medical bills.  Money is raised by individuals to help these families by collecting sponsorship money and then participating in the Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump. Organizers also encourage other fundraising endeavors to add to the fund. This all happens through volunteers so that 100% of the funds raised goes to these recipients.

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